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Fenway Park caused a lot of trouble for one pitcher in particular. (Photo via Wikipedia)

The MLB Pitcher with a Fenway Park ERA of 162.00

Fenway Park has always been known as a hitter’s paradise, but this was particularly true for one pitcher

Andy Hawkins was a roughly average major league pitcher. The big right-hander was 84–91 with a 4.22 ERA, winning as many as 18 games in a single season and had double digit wins on four separate occasions. This was enough to keep him in the big leagues for 10 seasons (1982–1991). However, his career would have apparently been much shorter if he had to pitch more frequently at Fenway Park in Boston, where for some inexplicable reason, he had an ERA of 162.00 across three starts. This was a result of allowing 18 runs in a combined total of one inning. What happened?!

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