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Dabbler in history, investing & writing. Master’s degree in baseball history. Passionate about diversity, culture, sports, investing and crypto.
Roger Maris (Image via Baseball Hall of Fame)

The star outfielder was one of the finest players in MLB history but never got the full respect he earned and deserved

Image via Executium

Communities taking steps to accept Bitcoin on a widespread basis will go a long way towards the crypto’s mass adoption

Hans Christian Andersen (Image via Wikipedia)

Hans Christian Andersen is one of the most celebrated writers in history and also lived a complicated life

Image via Wikipedia

Some of the most well-known figures from our past may have no basis in fact

Image via Bezanger

Investors want to find their own diamonds but sometimes looking at what the whales are doing can give you some good ideas

Jose Ramirez. Image via Wikipedia

There are some baseball players their teams would be hard-pressed to do without next season

Image via Letizia Ferrante

Animals have long been helpful to humanity but some have made some amazing contributions to advances in society

Gene Simmons (far left) of KISS. (Image via Wikipedia)

The famous Rockstar is a major proponent of cryptocurrency, especially Cardano

Image via Corleone Brown

Professional basketball players have been increasingly taking to social media to discuss their interest and investments in cryptocurrency

Image via Wikipedia

The Boston Red Sox star outfielder was somehow as simple as he was complicated

Andrew Martin

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