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Dabbler in history & writing. Master’s degree in baseball history. Passionate about diversity, culture, sports, investing and education.
Polestar Floor Model (Image via author)

Polestar has unveiled plans for some interesting high-tech options that will be available in addition to their cars

Although Swedish EV manufacturer Polestar is reportedly in the midst of trying to go public and already has vehicles on the road, they are simultaneously working to unveil new innovations to add to their increasingly impressive inventory. Just last week announcements went out regarding two new products that look to be major enhancements to their promising vehicle line.

As I have written previously:

“There are two current models in the Polestar stable. The Polestar 1 is high-end hybrid that starts at $155,000. It is able to do 52 EV miles on a single charge, which provides the longest range of…

Beautiful Jim Key and his studies (Image via Wikipedia- By Official Photographic Company — Missouri History Museum).

From a baboon that held a paying job for nearly a decade to assassin elephants, some beasts have shown just how capable they can be

Humans have accomplished amazing things throughout history. Civilizations have grown and fallen all because of the talents and feats of various people. Although they don’t get the same level of attention, there have also been some pretty amazing animals that have been trained so well they literally take on the functionality of humans, including these three.

Jack the Baboon: Most people understand that non-human primates are some of the most intelligent and adaptable creatures in the world. This was epitomized by Jack, a Chacma baboon, who served as an incredibly useful service animal for double leg amputee and railway signalman…

Gogoro Smart Scooter (Image via Wikipedia via Flickr-Maurizio Pesce)

The EV scooter manufacturer has developed a leading electric battery swapping system they hope to take global

Yet another EV-related company is going public via SPAC merger. This time, it’s Taiwanese company Gogoro, which manufactures electric scooters but is also the global leader in light electric vehicle battery swapping. Here’s what you need to know.

Founded in 2011 by Horace Luke, Gogoro strives to provide sustainable transportation and energy on a global basis. Luke previously worked for HTC, Nike and Microsoft, where he was the leader for product ideation and brand development for Xbox.

Gogoro already is known for a line of electric smart scooters, which are especially prevalent in larger cities due to their navigability, small…

Image via Wikipedia

The former star MLB catcher had some interesting and proven ideas of how to get the most out of a baseball career

Few catchers in the earlier days of baseball were as respected as Johnny Kling. Spending the bulk of his career with the Chicago Cubs, he was a true professional, known for his expert handling of pitchers. He was also a reflective man and believed professional baseball wasn’t a good option for most, but if you were able somehow navigate all the evils of the game it was important to always keep your eyes trained on the end of your career and plan accordingly… Always plan.

Kling was a big-league backstop for 13 seasons (1900–1908; 1910–1913). Eleven of those seasons were…

Ty Cobb- Right (Image via Baseball Hall of Fame)

The MLB legend enjoyed a trip abroad after his playing days ended but didn’t appreciate the dangerous habits of some drivers

Hall-of-Fame outfielder Ty Cobb remains a memorable baseball legend. In addition to his fierce play on the diamond that culminated in him having the highest batting average of all-time, he was also known for his confidence and never backing down in a confrontation. However, after his playing days ended it turned out that some of his greatest challenges turned into the more unusual variety- French chauffeurs.

In a 24-year major league career with the Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Athletics, the left-handed hitting Cobb hit .366 with 4,189 base hits, 117 home runs, 1,944 RBIs, 2,245 runs scored and 897 stolen…

Image via Shatov

Education is a key component of investing and there are some great online resources publishing free regular content, including Stock Moe, STOCK UP with Larry Jones and My Financial Friend

When it comes to investing, the more information you can get your hands on the better. The due diligence of determining the viability and potential of a stock or crypto is of the utmost importance before deciding to invest your money. One of the best resources to learn and get ideas from is YouTube. There is a seemingly never-ending stream of Youtubers who do regular investing-related broadcasts, but finding the best is perhaps even harder than building a green portfolio. To help you in your search, here are three channels who routinely provide timely, quality and informative content.

Before getting…

Image via Wikipedia

One of the most respected players in baseball history suffered a bad injury just five innings into his big-league debut and feared his career had come to an abrupt end

The position of first base has often been where a baseball team has its best hitter and team leader. This was especially true of Fred Tenney, who truly helped pioneer and define the modern position during a remarkable 17-year playing career (1894–1909; 1911).

The left-handed Tenney was one of baseball’s earliest stars to arrive in the big leagues with a college degree (from Brown University). Later in life, he wrote for the New York Times, Boston Post and other publications, along with being an accomplished paint and sketch artist and businessman. Collegiately, he was a catcher despite his handedness and…

Image via Paul Hanakoa

By remarkably sheer coincidence, Detroit city employee Joseph Figlock saved the lives of of two children in the span of a year after they landed on him after falling out of apartment windows

A horrific nightmare of any parent is having a baby or young child that somehow finds an open window and falls out. Such scenarios have little hope for a positive outcome, that is unless a man named Joseph Figlock was around. That’s because, even though he was an average Joe (literally), out of pure coincidence, he saved falling babies more than once in his life by just happening to be below them and preventing certain peril.

It was reported that Figlock, a street sweeper in Detroit for the Department of Public Works, experienced the most unusual repetition of coincidence. In…

Image via Karsten Wurth

The low-carbon fuel manufacturer is setting itself up to be a major player in the clean energy market

Renewable and greener energy has rapidly spread around the globe as important environmental and business movements. With an increasing world-wide goal to drastically cut emissions and other forms of pollution in the near future, those operating in these markets have the potential to find unprecedented success in the coming years. One such company seeking to make its bones in the veritable gold rush is GEVO, which is in the midst of accumulating bullish catalysts for its future.

Headquartered in Colorado, according to Robinhood, “Gevo, Inc. Common Stock, also called Gevo, is a renewable chemicals and next generation biofuels company, which…

Peter Freuchen (Image via Wikipedia)

Peter Freuchen lived a life of constant adventure as an explorer, author, thwarter of Nazis; who once cut off his own foot and also won a game show

The Most Interesting Man in the World was a popular marketing icon for years, representing Dos Equis Beer. The fictional character that appeared in numerous commercials shared improbable adventures and conquests. While he may not have been a real person, he had a real life counterpart named Peter Freuchen, who died more than a half a century ago after living a real life of almost impossible danger and excitement.

Freuchen was born in Denmark in 1886. He attended the University of Copenhagen, where he studied medicine but determined that the life of a doctor was not for him so he…

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