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Image via Baseball Hall of Fame

One of the greatest pitchers in MLB history had vivid memories of his time as a star

If you are looking for the definition of a baseball ace, search no further than Kid Nichols. The right-handed pitcher was a dominant force for much of his 15-year career (1890–1901; 1904–1906). He was a reliable workhorse, who threw tons of innings and always gave his teams a chance to win. Still ranking seventh in wins in all of baseball history, he was a natural selection for the Hall of Fame in 1949. …

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The wildly popular condiment may not have become an American staple if not for a plumber

Americans love condiments. Any excuse to dip or dress food is widely embraced as a part of the country’s food culture. In recent years, no condiment has seen a meteoric rise like that of ranch, which has developed a mass following among those who love to use it as a salad dressing and much more.

Typically, ranch dressing is composed of an oil emulsion mixed with buttermilk, salt, garlic, mustard and a blend of herbs. It’s a relatively new entry to the American food scene but has become incredibly in demand. As a salad dressing, it has been the most…

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The EV company has big ambition to expanding their business in ways that will take advantage of their superior batteries

Excitement is high when it comes to luxury EV manufacturer Lucid Motors (Lucid Group, Inc- LCID). They just completed a much-anticipated merger with Churchill Capital IV (CCIV) and are expected to be rolling out their first deliveries of vehicles in the coming months. Despite all of the hoopla about their vehicles, associated technology and aggressive plans for growth in the future, energy storage is another sector they plan to jump into, which has the potential to become a significant and lucrative aspect of their business.

Founded in 2007, Lucid Motors was originally known as Atieva. They initially produced high-end EV…

Image via Baseball Hall of Fame

The star pitcher was offered a large sum of money for very little work but didn’t accept because it would have interfered with his vacation plans of hunting

Grover “Pete” Alexander remains one of the best pitchers in baseball history, nearly a century after he last played. The Hall-of-Fame right-hander excelled despite a litany of personal problems like epilepsy and alcohol. While he achieved great success (at least for a time), both personally and financially, on a baseball diamond, he valued his time when he could step away from the game. This included a time when he passed up the equivalent of a full year’s salary so he could go hunting instead.

Alexander was a durable workhorse, who led the league in innings pitched seven times (including six…

Ian Anderson of the Atlanta Braves (Image via Wikipedia)

A new generation of big-league baseball players are showing they belong with their strong play this year

As with every baseball season, new players make their way to the big-league level and strive to prove they belong. 2021 has been no different and there are a number of young players who have impressed with their quality play. Here are the best of those rookies so far this season.

Ian Anderson, pitcher- Atlanta Braves: Atlanta fans have been salivating over the potential of the 23-year-old right-hander since the team made him the third overall selection in the 2016 draft. …

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The former MLB batting champion brought his love of cameras to the game

Some baseball players make their mark on the game by the numbers they produce or the wins and championships they help achieve. Others impart their influence in other ways. Such was the case of Lew Fonseca, a fairly average infielder and manager, who helped introduce the wide-spread use of film to America’s Pastime.

The right-handed Fonseca enjoyed a 12-year big-league playing career with four different teams (1921–1925; 1927–1933). Primarily playing first and second base, he did win a batting title in 1929 with the Cleveland Indians, hitting .369 with 44 doubles, 15 triples. six home runs and 103 RBIs. It…

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This season has seen some players producing the best baseball of their careers

With the 2021 MLB season now past the halfway point, players and teams have more or less sorted out in which direction they are heading. Some players have shocked most people in the baseball world with their unexpected production. Here are three players having the most surprising seasons to date:

Carlos Rodon, Pitcher- Chicago White Sox: The 28-year-old left-hander has long been considered a candidate to produce big numbers. After all, he was the third overall selection in the 2014 draft out of college at North Carolina State. …

Image via Andrew Ridley

Farmmi, Inc. is a growing global presence with their fungi and other agro-products

Mushrooms can be a great addition to your burgers, pizzas or sauces, but what about to your investment portfolio? Edible fungi aren’t the sexiest option in the grocery store but as it turns out they have an impressive niche in a growing market. Looking to lead the charge is Farmmi, Inc. (FAMI), a China-based agricultural e-commerce and technology company specializing in the tasty food, which may just be worth a spot on your list of stocks to consider.

Founded in 2003 and based out of Zhejiang in China, the company went public in 2018 and is listed on the NASDAQ…

Image via Michael Fousert

Having recently completed a merger with CLII, EVGO is positioning itself to be an industry leader

Evgo, Inc (EVGO) recently completed a merger via SPAC (CLII) just weeks ago. The EV charging company is still getting its feet under them after the coupling was finalized but have already hit the ground sprinting in their hopes of racing to the front of the pack in their exploding market.

Founded in 2010, EVGO has grown rapidly and currently has over 800 charging stations in 34 states and the District of Columbia. They are the largest fast-charging network for EVs and claim that more than 130 million Americans live within 10 miles of one of their chargers. Offering 90–120…

Image via Glenn Carstens-Peters

Actors from the legendary television show have had some interesting lives

HBO’s landmark mafia drama The Sopranos aired its last original episode back in 2007. However, it remains a consensus pick as one of the best and most influential television shows of all time. Packed with talented actors, it’s no surprise that it was so successful and fondly remembered. Here are five totally bizarre and little-known facts about that amazing cast.

Jamie Lynn Siegler played Meadow, the frustratingly difficult daughter of mob boss, Tony Soprano. In the midst of her busy career in acting and music, she has had time for a full personal life. This includes her marriage to her…

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